RQAAM .co for Information Technology

Integrated portfolio of technology services

Which covers all of our customers' technical needs. The company is keen to act as a one-stop-shop for customers to obtain all their technology needs.
We can work with you to ensure the success of all your technologies, our experts have long experience in IT.

Why Choose Us ?

We will be with you in your projects from being an idea until after its launch.


A working team of experts

A team of the most qualified and skilled experts in the field of information technology to implement major technical projects.


Fast technical support

We provide fast technical support to answer customers' inquiries and solve problems they encounter.


An integrated service provider

Offering a strong and integrated portfolio of technology solutions that makes us a one-stop-shop for all that our customers need.

Modern techniques

We use all modern technologies in all our work to ensure the best results for our clients.


Our vision

One of the best IT services and solutions providers in Iraq.

Our Mission

Make use of technology easy, safe, and accessible to everyone.

Start Your Project Now

RQAAM Information Technology .Cohas everything that your project needs to transform it from an idea into a reality and make it a competitive advantage.

Where we harness our expertise and our team to carry out your work according to what you aspire to, so that you can reach your goals more efficiently.


Our Values

We Work to Understand Our Customer

RQAAM Information Technology .Co is committed to the values it provides through its projects and products, realizing its mission to provide its services with quality and professionalism.


Our main goal is to provide our clients with first-class technology solutions that will help them enhance business performance and effectively achieve their goals.


Learning and innovation to keep pace with evolving technology trends and to provide our customers with the latest solutions continuously

Create value

Creating value is the essence of everything we do, as we are keen to work continuously to maintain profitable relationships for all parties, whether they are clients, workers or stakeholders.


We view our clients as success partners, and we always attribute our achievements and success to the existence of long-term fruitful relationships with our clients aimed at achieving their interests and goals.


Project Launched

We are proud of being successful partners for the owners of the projects we have accomplished

Our Member

Say Hello to Our Team

We pride ourselves on having a highly skilled and qualified team of experienced consultants and specialists
Who can carry out mega technology projects and provide consultancy and design services effectively and skillfully.